Injury Update

It’s been 5 weeks now since my injury. The swelling has gone down considerably and I’ve been able to get around in a boot and crutches. It’s a blessing to be as mobile as I am and I give God thanks for that! Here are a few lessons I’m learning through it all right now.

Healing takes time. There’s no rushing. I can’t make things better on my own, it must happen naturally and supernaturally. God is the ultimate Healer and I am on His timetable. What is important is not that I get back to my normal routine but that I continue to trust His plan when my “normal” is interrupted.

Things are happening inside even when it seems like nothing is going on. A lot of healing is an inside job. I can’t see the rod or the screws that were put in. I have some scars and bruising on the outside and it’s easy to focus on that. How often do we do that with others? Yet the inside doesn’t always heal as quickly as the outside may lead us to believe. It’s important to not push healing especially on the inside but to accept it as it comes. I have to trust that things are healing even though it’s not happening at my pace.

Celebrate the small things. Wiggling my toes and bending my foot a little bit are significant things these days. A few weeks ago none of that was possible. My leg was broken and numb. Today I have some movement back and there are some little jabs of pain but that lets me know that the numbness is gone. Pain isn’t always a bad indicator. Pain alerts. Pain reveals. Pain instructs. So today with the little tinges and tingles of pain, I celebrate that I my foot and leg are coming back to life! #healing #lessons

One thought on “Injury Update

  1. It’s amazing how we tend to take things for granted until we can’t have or use them anymore. God definitely has a way of reminding us that only by His mercy and grace can we use our limbs, our minds, all five of our senses and even breath. To God be the glory for your continued healing.

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