Numbers 11-13

Numbers 11 

The people complained and God sent a fire. Then there were some who were complaining that there wasn’t any food except for the manna.

Then Moses speaks to God about the people and how he is weary of them. God tells Moses to select 70 worthy men and that He would share His Spirit with them so they could share the leadership with Moses.

God told Moses they would have tons of meat to eat, so much that they would become sick of it. 

When God’s Spirit came on the me , there were a couple that were prophesying and it concerned Joshua but not Moses. Moses realized that God can select and use Whom He pleases. There’s no reason to be jealous.

The people collected the meat but there were some who as they were eating it that were struck down by the Lord.

The question we must wrestle with is what’s in our hearts? Is it jealousy or greed? Are we complaining? 

Numbers 12

Mirriam and Aaron were found talking poorly about Moses because of his wife from Ethiopia. God dealt with this by confronting them and defending His relationship with Moses. 

We don’t need to defend ourselves; God will fight for us. Simply do what God has called you to do.

My relationship with God is mine. Don’t let someone else undermine that. 

Mirriam was given leprosy and had to remain outside the camp for 7 days. This shows me that sin isn’t isolated to just that individual, it has ramifications for others too. No one could move on until Mirriam was brought back into the camp.

Numbers 13

The 12 spies were sent out and they saw the Promised Land. However they also saw many other things, like the huge grapes and vegetation, as well as the huge giants in the land. When they came back, 10 gave an unfavorable report while Joshua and Caleb tried to convince the people to trust God’s promises.

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