Exodus 36-38

In chapter 36, God instructs us that He has gifted certain people skills to be able to do all that He wants. As the people bring items to be used they do so:

1) willingly

2) joyfully

In fact they bring so much that they are told to not bring anything else. How crazy would that be in our day? To see people bringing so much that there wouldn’t be a need for any more.God instructed how the tabernacle was to be built. He gave them very explicit details which would be hard to not follow.

Exodus 37 The building of the Ark is done in chapter 37. The table and lamp stand is also constructed. Then the altar of incense is built.

Exodus 38 The altar for the burnt offering is built in Exodus 38. The courtyard is built afterward.

A couple of things I take away from these chapters:

God’s people are to give to God’s work, both financially and in service.

When we give to God’s work, we should do so joyfully and with a free hand.

God equips certain people with gifts to accomplish His work. There’s nothing that God can’t do but He chooses to employ His people to accomplish the work.

Our gifts and talents are not for ourselves but for the work and glory of God. We waste them when we use them for anything other than building His Kingdom.

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