Exodus 10-12

Exodus 10 God told Moses to go to Pharaoh and do these wonders even though his heart was being hardened so that God’s glory would be known.

The eighth plague was locusts. Pharaoh was not willing to let the people go but said he would let the men go. But this wasn’t what God wanted. We do not get to compromise with God. Moses says they will go with their young and old and all of the people and their livestock.
Since Pharaoh was not compliant, God sent the plague of locusts and destroyed all vegetation that was left after the hail. This was a plague that encapsulated the entire earth.

Pharaoh called Moses and Aaron and even said that he sinned and implored for Moses and Aaron to pray for him. Pharaoh asks to be delivered from this death (10:17).
I find this interesting because Pharaoh wasn’t aware of a second death. This isn’t all there is.

The ninth plague was a tangible darkness. This darkness lasted 3 days. Humm? Jesus in the grave? But look at who has light… the people of Israel.

At this Pharaoh says for the people to go but leave their livestock behind. But they needed the livestock to offer sacrifices. It is important to note that even though it seems Pharaoh is willing to make some concessions, God doesn’t change or back down. What God says, God means!

Pharaoh then gets so angry he says if he sees Moses and Aaron again it will mean their death. Moses retorts that they won’t face each other again.
Exodus 11 God prepares the people to leave by telling them to get goods, silver and gold from the Egyptians. The Egyptians gave to them readily.
Then God said that at midnight the Angel of Death would pass through and kill all the firstborn of animals and people.

Exodus 12 lays out the Passover for the people. They are to take a lamb that would feed the household. It could be a male sheep or goat about a year old. They were to keep it until the 14th and then slaughter it at twilight. Blood from the animal was to be put on the doorposts and lintel. They were to eat it in the same house and it was to be roasted over a fire with herbs and unleavened bread. They were to eat the head and legs and insides and anything left over had to be burned the next day.
The meal was to be eaten with them prepared to leave, with their belts fastened, staff in their hands and sandals on their feet.

The blood on the doors would be a sign to the Angel of Death to pass over that house. The redemption of God has always been shown through the shedding of blood.

They were to also have a feast of unleavened bread. This feast was to last 7 days. It would begin by removing all dough with yeast from the house on the first. Anyone violating this would be cut off from the others.

They were to have a Holy gathering on the first and last day And the only word that can be done was for the preparation of food.

They were to do this on the first month starting on the 14th day until the 21st day continually as a remembrance of God bringing them out of Egypt.

When the Angel of Death came, the firstborn was killed and Pharaoh commands for the Israelites to leave, all of them with their livestock. Then he says something interesting. He asks for a blessing. Really?

God then gives some very specific instructions about who can take of the Passover meal. It cannot be taken by a stranger or foreigner. No one who was uncircumcised could eat it either. It had to be eaten within the house and nothing could be taken outside of the house.

This makes very clear that God has very specific detailed instructions for his people. He expects there to be a distinct difference between his people and the rest of the world.

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