Exodus 7-9

Exodus 7
God tells Moses and Aaron to go to Pharaoh but that he is not going to listen. How easy is it to talk to someone who isn’t willing to listen? Not very easy. And especially when God is telling you that they are never going to listen. So what is this about? Ultimately it’s about God’s glory. God wants them all to know Who He is.

It’s also about Moses being obedient. Moses has gone from being unwilling to go, making many excuses to being the leader and representative that God has called him to be.

We are told that Aaron is 83 years old and Moses is 80 years old. Why does God include this? Perhaps God is revealing to us that He is able to use us at any age? He isn’t just using the young or middle aged, but He also has roles, even in leadership for those who are older. We’ve all heard this before that “if you ain’t dead, then God’s not done”.

The plagues begin. The first one is water turning to blood. And it’s not just in the rivers, but in the containers. One of the interesting things here is the magicians were able to replicate a similar feat. What this shows me is that Satan is good at mimicking God. This goes to show that we must be careful of just viewing “supernatural” things as acts of God. Everything that is out of the ordinary doesn’t mean it’s what God is doing.

Exodus 8 The second plague is frogs. This is also something the magicians are able to replicate. However it is interesting that Pharaoh asks Moses to intercede for him and have the frogs removed.

What this means to me is that even though someone asking for prayer is good, it’s not always an indication that they want God. Often, like Pharaoh, they just want their problems gone and not really a relationship with God.

The third plague was gnats. A very interesting thing about this plague is that even the magicians recognized that this was an act of God. Once again, “spiritual” people may recognize God but that doesn’t mean they worship Him.

The fourth plague was flies. For this plague, there was a place the flies would not be: Goshen. The place where God’s people, blessings were, there would be no plague. This would be an obvious sign of God separating His people for Himself from the world.

In fact, Pharaoh does tell them to go and sacrifice to God, but Moses says they must go farther away. There had to be separation from the Egyptians. Pharaoh was willing to let them go a little distance but not where God had called them.

Satan may offer you a little room. A little bit of God but he doesn’t want you to be all in for God. Satan doesn’t care if we do a little bit of good but He simply doesn’t want God getting ALL the GLORY.

Exodus 9 The fifth plague is when God kills the livestock of the Egyptians. Once again this shows us how God gives us a picture of the separation between those who worship Him and those who don’t.
The sixth plague is boils. All the Egyptians had plagues, even the magicians. No one could even confront Moses.

The seventh plague was hail. One of the interesting things about this is that there were some of the Egyptians who feared the Lord and brought their livestock inside. There was only one place where the hail and fire didn’t fall: Goshen.

Pharaoh even now admits that he has sinned. He acknowledges God’s righteousness. But he doesn’t pray to God himself. Realizing our sin isn’t the same as repenting of it. Pharaoh wants the plague to stop but as God said, his heart was hardened and he did not let the people go.

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