Exodus 13-15

Exodus 13 Moses is told to sanctify all the firstborn unto God, both animals and sons. He reiterates how they are to have the feast of Unleavened Bread. They are told to pass these stories from generation to another.

God then tells them about redeeming the firstborn. Any firstborn donkey could be redeemed with a lamb. If they choose not to redeem it then they were to break its neck.
Firstborn sons were to be redeemed with a lamb. This was to be a perpetual reminder to them of how God delivered them at Passover, through the killing of the firstborn in Egypt, except for those who had the blood on the doorposts.

When they left Egypt, God did not take them the easy way lest they want to return. Instead He brought them a hard way. This indicates to me that sometimes God doesn’t do things that are easy so that I will depend on Him. Also that I will be less apt to return to any personal Egypt in my life. God doesn’t want it to be easy for me to fall back into old patterns or ways of living.

Moses takes the bones of Joseph, keeping his promise.

God appears to them in a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. God wants them to be aware of His presence, His guidance and His protection. Can we ever say that God doesn’t have our backs? Yet how often do we fail to trust Him moving into the unknown?

Exodus 14 God hardened Pharaoh’s heart so that he would chase after the Israelites. God directs Moses toward the Red Sea. Pharaoh has a moment when he realizes the people have left and summons all his army to pursue.
Naturally when the Israelites saw the Egyptians in pursuit they became afraid. But they cried out to God. This is a great lesson. Sometimes the enemy is going to pursue… not leave us alone. The next few things are very important to remember:

Cry out to God. Don’t complain or despair. Stand ready. Watch for God to work. When you see God acting, move forward, not backward.Stay in the middle of God’s Will.

God moved from the front to the back to protect the children of Israel as they moved through the Red Sea. In other words, don’t look back, keep moving forward because God’s got your back!

The Egyptians pursued but God threw them into confusion and once the Israelites were through, God released the waters and it drowned all Pharaoh’s army.

The Israelites walked through on dry ground is a miracle because not only did God raise the water but He dried the ground for them to get to the other side quickly. When God is making a way of escape for us, He will prepare the ground under our feet.

Exodus 15 Moses and Mirriam compose songs for the mighty victory God has just given them. It’s important to note that we should always take time to celebrate anything God does on our behalf.

The Israelites move further into the wilderness and begin to complain about needing water. So Moses prays to the Lord. God tells him to throw a tree into it and it will turn from bitter to sweet. What this means to me is that God isn’t always going to just turn something from bitter to sweet. I may have to do some work to enjoy the sweetness. I may have to expend energy even when tired to enjoy more blessings from God.

God tells them this was a test and if they continue to do as He says and to honor Him in all they do, they will be blessed. God reveals another of His names here as their Healer.

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