Job 29-31

Job recounts some of his former days when felt closer to God. When difficult times come it can often be very hard to sense God’s closeness, especially if you have friends that misunderstand you. What Job has to fight is knowing that God hasn’t abandoned him just because he can’t sense Him closely. Just because clouds cover the sun doesn’t mean the sun is gone…it just means we can’t readily see it.

The encouragement in this passage is to remember and reflect that the same God we know and experience when the sun is shining is the same God we can trust is there in the clouds and rain.

Furthermore, a friendship with God takes time and requires trust even in the difficulties of life. It’s essential that we are not fair weather friends with God or others for that matter. Being consistent regardless of what is going on around us is important. We cannot let our faith fluctuate with our feelings. Circumstances are notorious for knocking out Christians’ trust in God. Through this passage I’m challenged to let the friendship with God be true by trusting His heart no matter what is happening around me.

One thought on “Job 29-31

  1. Thank you for sharing. I received this when I needed it. Sometimes it’s hard to see God in everything. We must have to trust in Him and remain faithful.

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