Kingdom Living: Hidden In Plain Sight

Matthew 5, 6, 7 Do you remember playing hide and seek with your children or friends? It’s not like you were removed from the present reality but that you were findable only as they sought after you. Jesus has been outlining what Kingdom living is all about throughout the entire sermon on the mount. By using the phrase “seek first the kingdom of God”, He … Continue reading Kingdom Living: Hidden In Plain Sight

5 things to start the new year

As school is getting back into the full swing, I wanted to share five things to help us all look at the school year afresh. Even though I have students in mind, these things can apply to anyone, anywhere. 1) Start with God. I know it seems like a given but there’s no doubt that as time, busyness and complacency set in, starting each day … Continue reading 5 things to start the new year


  What is it you are praying for most? Do you want your life to be comfortable or significant? It’s not impossible for it to be both, but God is much more concerned in shaping us and making us into the image of His son, than making us “comfortable”. Being comforted is different than being comfortable. Being conformed to the image of Jesus is the … Continue reading Comfortable?