Job 24-28

In these chapters Job asks more questions and alludes to the fact that good things happen for bad people and bad things happen for good people. Yet all of this is not an indication of one’s standing with God. Just because bad things are happening in someone’s life does not mean that God is angry with them. And on the flipside of that just because good things are happening in someone’s life does not mean that God is pleased with someone.

What is important to understand is that circumstances are not an indication of someone’s relationship with God. It is also good to note that we must be careful when judging someone based on what we perceive to be happening in someone’s life. Again circumstances and situations do not always show us a complete picture of what is going on in someone’s life and certainly not in someone’s heart.

In these chapters we also see Job talking about wisdom. Job indicates that regardless of what anyone says he knows what his relationship with God is like and he does not have a guilty conscience about how he’s lived. This is an incredible take away from the reading today. We should all seek to live with no regrets. That would be the wise thing to do.

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