Job 17-20

Our lives are the examples to others. What we go through and how we respond reveals Who and what we believe in. It reveals what is at the core of our hearts.

Job listens to his friends who accuse him time and again and yet he hasn’t done anything wrong. Even though his friends have some view of God, it isn’t a perfect view of God. None of us can truly know what Godnis doing or saying I’m someone’s life. It is important that any advice or counsel we give be done so with extreme humility and be filled with wisdom and scripture.

Job doesn’t let his friends’ advice or counsel prevent him from seeing God accurately. Job says he know his redeemer lives and this is where his hope is. Job’s hope doesn’t come from understanding his situation but in knowing the character of his God.
What is important to remember is that none of these people had clear insight into what was happening. It is also true for us in real life too. We don’t know all that is going on around us or with others. So let’s be sure to keep our trust in God and worship Him regardless. Let’s support one another and pray for one another without offering meaningless counsel.

One thought on “Job 17-20

  1. Job listens to God and not his so called friends. He calls on and trusts the One who can do all thinks!

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