Job 21-23

How often do we continue to trust even when we don’t know or understand what God is doing? Job wants to have a dialogue with God potentially because all of his friends have nothing worthwhile saying … But also perhaps because Job would like some answers. Nonetheless Job continues to worship God and trust him even though he cannot see or perceive all that God is doing.

It is important for us to understand that we are not always going to see God at work. Sometimes God works silently. God is not beholden to me nor does he owe me an answer for anything he does .

I think it is amazing to note how Job handles being misunderstood. He continues to listen to his friends and has no outward support from God about these issues. Yet Job still continues to maintain his innocence and his worship. I think it would be very difficult to maintain my cool among so-called friends if they continued to question my innocence. Job is a great example of patience, long-suffering, and love. His trust in God is admirable. His faith is worth emulating. His worship is authentic.

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