Job 6-9

One of the things that we can see from the reading today is that Job did not sin and his friends are convinced he did. Job is suffering not because he did something wrong but because he was actually living right. This will be the case from time to time that any of us may actually suffer for seeking God.

It’s also a very true and real reality that we live in a fallen world and therefore may be subject to any number of hardships that come from being in a place that is corrupt. We may suffer because of natural disasters or because of the poor choices of others or even the sinful choices of others all of which may affect us.

Job reflects upon God and his character. He points out that he is amazed that God would even consider thinking about us. This reminds me of Psalm chapter 8 verse number four.

One thought on “Job 6-9

  1. Sometimes we do all we can to walk in the way the Lord wants us to walk and we still come under attack. Each attack strengthens us in our work with God as long as we stand firm in our faith in Him.

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