Job Chapters 1-5

Job 1-5
We are introduced to God, Satan and Job, along with Job’s friends.

God had an interaction with beings known as the “sons of God”, which could also be the “angels”. One of those angels was known as Satan or The Accuser.

This Accuser came before God as one who is just roaming the earth and then God brings Job into the story. God is the One Who compliments Job to the Accuser and ultimately gives The Accuser the permission to allow bad things to happen to Job.

The Accuser says that Job is only righteous because God protects him and blesses him and that if those things were removed then Job would most assuredly not worship God. So God allows Job to be tested in any way Satan wants yet without taking his life.

In a matter of moments everything changes for Job. Other bad people come in and cause calamity, and then there are natural disasters that cause calamity. Both of these type of things can be used to bring chaos and devastation.

Job’s response was admirable in that he did not sin. He did not compromise his worship of God even though bad things were happening. We can choose to worship God regardless of what we are going through. Worship is a choice.

Job had some friends show up to offer some counsel. For seven days they did not speak. This is the best thing we can take away from their friendship. Sometimes simply being silent with those who are suffering communicates more than words ever could.

All of us have very limited understanding of all that transpires in life, even our own lives can be full or mystery and wonder as to why certain things are happening or allowed to happen. Like Job, one day can be great and the next day can be as though all hell is breaking loose.

What is important to remember from this story?
1) God allowing certain things to happen is very different from “causing” them.

2) We do have an Accuser who seeks to make us and God look bad.

3) It is important to remember that God can still be trusted even when all hell seems to be breaking loose around us.

4) Our knowledge and understanding of what someone is going through is very limited. It is important to be with people in their suffering but be very careful when speaking “for” God and explaining why such and such is happening.

5) Worship is a choice we are able to make regardless of our situation.

What else do you think is important from these chapters? Share your thoughts and comments.

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