Job 10-13

Many times we don’t always relate well to those who are suffering. We can find ourselves trying to fix or explain why things are happening. God’s ways are not always explainable. We also shouldn’t try to point out how or where people have fallen because we don’t have the full picture.

Job lets his friends know that he is not less intelligent nor is he in need of his friends’ counsel. How often do we offer pithy sayings or religious platitudes to people who really don’t need to hear it?

Job says a powerful statement in chapter 13:15 claiming that even if God were to kill him, he would still worship. There is so much trust and hope in God’s character from Job. Job shows that God is worthy of worship regardless of if He is doing what we want or blessing us according to our wants and desires.

From these readings I can certainly see that God is powerful and in control and that often those who may speak for God, do not always have the right answers. God doesn’t owe us an explanation for anything He does. The right response from us is always to worship Him. Job doesn’t hold back on expressing his thoughts and feelings; we too can express our thoughts and feelings without sin. We must simply remember who it is that is in charge and know that God owes us nothing. Everything we have is a gift.

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