Psalm 32:8

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will advise you with My eye upon you.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭32:8‬ ‭NASB2020‬‬

God is my instructor. Even though advice from others is valuable, God’s instruction is invaluable . God’s WORD is read in general but there are specific things He will say to me as I read His Word.

He has specific instructions for me that may or may not apply to others. It is essential that I listen for His voice. The specific things do not need to be agreed upon by all outsiders, meaning that everyone will not always understand what God wants me to do. Sometimes the things God has equipped me for and wants me to do are specific to me. This is why it is essential to stay in His Word, to stay connected to His Spirit and to watch for His leading.

He will teach me. As a teacher He will help me understand general principles and guidelines as I walk the specific path. The teacher doesn’t just tell me things but demonstrates them for me. He has shown me (by giving Biblical examples and living examples around me) on how to act and respond to many of life’s choices and demands. For Him to teach me, I must remain teachable. There will never be a time when I know-it-all. I must rely upon His knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

The instructions and teaching happens as I go. It’s easy to think that I should have the education before I take the steps but God doesn’t always work that way. It’s an “on the job” training kind of way. Education is important but this training and teaching is something I can’t get in a school. He is my Rabbi and He is walking with me as He disciples me in this way of life.

The way in which I should go means that I still must choose. I cannot simply expect God to tell me beforehand. His instruction and teaching is to prepare me to make the choices I should make. When I know what I should do then there is a choice to make.

He will advise me with His eye upon me. This means that not only is He watching over me (and thank God He has seen me and kept me from so much!) but that He is still advising me as I take steps. He is actively giving me updates and real world guidance. But as I’ve said already, I must heed that guidance.

His eye upon me has a meaning like that of a GPS. He is giving me real time updates and it’s important to pay attention with my own eyes. He sees things I don’t see, but I’m also able to see things too that appear on my spiritual “radar” or GPS. I can use my own eyes to make some good judgements. However, what He reveals to me is what I should look at more than anything I feel convinced of by my own eyes. I can trust His eyes! Faith is believing what He sees more than what I see.

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