Then Peter spoke up, “We have left everything to follow you!” Mark 10:28

Peter utters these words to point out his devotion to Jesus. Yet in reality our devotion should not be about drawing any kind of accolades for ourselves. Full surrender to Christ leaves no residue of self. It’s easy to want to look devoted and spiritual but for the those who have fully surrendered there is no need for a “look”: dead people have no need to impress.

When we consider surrendering to Christ, we must realize that we are not doing it to get something out of it. We are not trying to win God’s favor or somehow merit His blessings. Our surrender is to yield completely to His plan. There are some who desire to follow Jesus and yet they cannot get beyond themselves to do so. It is not Jesus who is being too harsh but the would-be follower being too soft. Crucifixion on the cross leaves no room for half-hearted decisions. There may have been no room for Jesus at the inn but there is plenty of room at the cross. The question is will we join Him at the cross and die there ourselves?

If we are crucified with Him then we no longer live according to Galatians 2:20. Many claim to want to follow Jesus but only go as far as it is pleasant. Then when the sacrifice or need to surrender comes about they turn back to easier but less meaningful lives. The only way anyone will surrender all is if the value outweighs the cost. Is Jesus more valuable than everything you would leave behind?

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