“Therefore, King Agrippa, I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision,” Acts 26:19

God gives us a vision but we are responsible to act on it. People may say they are waiting on God but to the contrary God is waiting on us. The vision we have been given is meant to be lived out every moment of every day; not just when we feel like it. Sometimes the only motivation we may have is the fact that we know we saw the vision at one time. Action on the vision daily is what will bring eventual success.

The vision is blurred when we allow emotion and opinions to enter in. From seeking approval to wanting to feel satisfaction, we may be willing to alter the vision we’ve been given. We must be careful to not compromise the vision from God. Although the applause of others may affirm our calling it is not what we are living for. We live for the applause of only one.

A vision May take a lifetime to see fulfilled but God will give us a lifetime to fulfill it. There’s nothing God is going to ask us to do that can’t be done in the timeframe He has given us to do it in. If the vision isn’t fulfilled it will not be because God wasn’t able but rather that we failed to see it through. We must keep our eyes fixed on Christ and the vision He has given us.

What is the vision God has for your life?

What steps are you taking to see the vision completed?

What causes your vision to be blurred?

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