No Bucket?

The woman said to Him, “Sir, You have nothing to draw [water] with, and the well is deep.” John 4:11
When Jesus has the conversation with the woman at the well, she hickory perceives that He has nothing with which to draw physical water. This reveals to us that her perspective is only physical at this point. Yet Jesus is leading her to a spiritual conversation. She is living on one plane and He is on another. At times we only see one side of reality. There is a whole other side of reality not viewed by physical eyes but only spiritual.
We don’t always readily believe Jesus because we can’t see Him or hear Him. However this lady could see and hear Him and she was still oblivious to the way Jesus could satisfy her soul. What was it that made it so difficult? She didn’t see Jesus with any bucket. Her misconception of Jesus was not because of what He didn’t have but because of what she had. She had a bucket and because of that and where she was she thought Jesus was speaking of physical water. What Jesus wants us to see is that everything we have is meant to point us to something deeper, something spiritual. Don’t let all of your means and provision limit your reliance on Jesus to meet your deepest needs.
Far too often because we are successful or because we have certain things in our hands, we can feel a lesser need for Jesus. Our reliance on self becomes greater and we believe that because Jesus has no bucket, we need to make things happen. This isn’t true at all. Jesus is the only One who can truly satisfy and meet our every need. He is not holding a bucket because He is the Living Water. We are holding the bucket and whatever we choose to put in it is up to us.
Jesus isn’t holding back on us; we just aren’t drawing from Him. Just because Jesus doesn’t have a bucket doesn’t mean He has nothing to offer. The fact remains we have needs that can only be met outside of ourselves. Jesus isn’t inviting the woman to a drink but to be drowned in Him.
What are you going to put in your bucket today?
How are you trying to meet all your own needs?
Are you drawing from a Source greater than yourself?
How is Jesus tying to flood your soul?
How is Jesus inviting you to trust Him to meet your needs?

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