Hearing Is Not Enough

“If you love me, keep my commands. John 14:15
Hearing God is not enough; we must be determined to obey Him. God speaks but we do not obey and this is to our shame. The lack of obedience is a direct result of disregard for God. Jesus was clear when He said our love for Him would result in keeping His commandments. It’s not that we don’t “love” God some but just not most of all. We love ourselves more.
God speaks in various ways to each of us. We all must determine to heed and follow through. We must be careful of placing what someone else says, or even our own opinion above what God’s Word says. God’s Word is not open for debate. What He says and what He means are outlined in His Word. We either obey or disobey; there is no in between.
Often when we claim we do not know what God wants we really mean it’s not what we want. Anything that is unclear, God will make clearer as we obey His principles and yield to His Spirit. If anyone will yield to God and be willing to obey, they will hear Him. God wants to speak to us personally and for us to intentionally, willfully obey. Do not expect God to change what He’s written to accommodate our culture or desires. What God said thousands of years ago still applies today. It may be a new day and age for us but it’s the same day for God ( 2 Peter 3:8, Psalm 90:4).

How have you treated God’s Word? Are you obeying Him?

Have you taken scripture out of context or disregarded what it says because of laziness? Because you didn’t like what it said? Because you thought it was “old fashioned”?

Are you expecting God to change His Word or what He is saying to you?

Are you willing to not just hear God but to obey Him in each area of life?

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