Every situation and circumstance that I face comes to me by God’s sovereign hand. There is nothing in my life that has not first been approved of or allowed by His hand. When whatever comes it is imperative to live with this knowledge: If God is not readily seen working then He is in the background working. Regardless of my perspective, God is always at work.

The focus of my life is meant to be to the praise of His glory. The Spirit of God intercedes for me and I am to join Him in the work of intercession for others. When I am made aware of a need prayer should be my first response; not for what I want but for the will of God to be accomplished. God only answers prayers according to His will (1 John 5:14-15).

Oftentimes my focus in prayer is to get out of a situation. However I should let my prayer be: what do I need to get out of the situation? What does God want me to learn through the situation? If Jesus “learned obedience” through the death on the cross, (Hebrews 5:7-10) who am I to not learn more myself? (To learn in this case May mean more of to “practice”).

God is orchestrating everything in my life for a far greater purpose than I am often aware. The best thing I can do is to walk in awareness of the fact that no incident is an accident. There is no coincidence for the child of God. Every person has a purpose from God and every situation helps accomplish that purpose within and through us.

Intercede with intentionality.

Pray with the eternal purpose in mind.

Don’t try to get out of a situation but seek to grow through it.

Living and learning go together.

Faith and obedience go together.

Love and trust go together.

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