Abundance: Give Or Take

The thief comes to steal… I come to give…John 10:10

Jesus said that he came to give which is in contrast to the role of the enemy which is to take. Satan comes to steal, kill or destroy. Jesus comes to give life and give it more abundantly. Isn’t it interesting how people always say they don’t want to follow Jesus because of all that He will “take away”? Jesus never said He would take anything from us but rather give! Jesus did say that if we choose to follow Him we would lay down things and perhaps even our own lives but He doesn’t take them from us; followers who love Jesus willingly give things up.

Satan and the world system has convinced many that the fleeting things of this world are more valuable than a relationship with their Creator. Life is filled with choices and those choices either leave us empty or full. Anything that is taking life from us is not what God intends for us. Jesus came to give but we must be willing to take what He is freely offering us. Will it cost? Of course. However any relationship will cost, whether it is with a person, job, or sport; everything costs. But the emptiness that lingers from trying to stuff our lives with every-and-all-things but Jesus is evidence that we have not touched the real life that comes from Christ alone. Choose life today. Choose Christ.

Do you feel empty? Or full of life?

Do you find that things you are doing or the relationships you have leave you full or are they emptying you of joy and peace?

Are you more fretful or content in your life?

What is stealing from you? What will give you life?

There is an enemy of your soul and it’s not Jesus.

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