Stumbling Forward

One of the things that the enemy lives to do is to bring up our past. When this happens, we can find ourselves tripped up or even brought to the ground spiritually. Here are a couple of tactics to help keep from from falling back.

Stay focused ahead. The past is over and done with. If you are not learning from the past, it has no benefit to you or others. The enemy loves to use the past against us to discourage us by diverting our attention to something that “was” so we lose sight of “what can be”. God is always moving you toward a hope and future. Sure God wants repentance and remorse but not progress-ending depression. Don’t stumble over something behind you. Instead fix your eyes on Jesus not your past. Keep Jesus in the foreground of everything.

Pray more. When we are reminded of our past, it is a great opportunity to go to Jesus and resubmit ourselves to Him in prayer. Often, when we are reminded of our past, the evil one is trying to subvert the Truth of God’s love and care for us. Through prayer we are able to connect with our Heavenly Father and be reassured of His love and forgiveness. 1 John 1:9 is clear that when we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive and to cleanse. When the past comes back to mind, run to your Father. Let Him remind you of what He did our of love for you in the past.

Create new memories. By establishing a new way of living and distancing ourselves from the past, we create new thoughts and memories that can populate our minds. We essentially take away fuel from the enemy when we do more of God’s will. By not giving in to temptation or sinning, we eradicate the opportunities the evil one has to use to accuse us. By doing God’s will we no longer stumble from our past but accelerate God’s plan and purpose. Don’t become hung up on your past: Jesus hung on a cross for that. Be committed to bearing your own cross into the future where Christ is awaiting you with open arms!

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