Kingdom Living: Hidden In Plain Sight

Matthew 5, 6, 7

Do you remember playing hide and seek with your children or friends? It’s not like you were removed from the present reality but that you were findable only as they sought after you.

Jesus has been outlining what Kingdom living is all about throughout the entire sermon on the mount. By using the phrase “seek first the kingdom of God”, He is pointing us to the reality of a way of life that is expressly different than the one we see on a daily basis but can be found when we actively pursue it.

What godly ways of living are you chasing?

What does what you are pursuing reveal about the kingdom you are most connected?

Seeking God’s kingdom first means that we have to be actively submissive to God. In God’s kingdom, God is the ruler. Many may say “Jesus is Lord/King” with their mouths but their hearts are far from Him. Each day moment-by-moment, we must be submissive to the ruling of Jesus in our lives. His Spirit is alive within us but we must yield to His direction and correction. Seeking God’s kingdom means letting His values and priorities become ours. God’s kingdom is populated with His people who are made righteous by God through Jesus.

Jesus says to seek “His righteousness” and this is because we have no righteousness of our own(Romans 3). Only as God’s righteousness transforms our hearts and lives will the Kingdom of God become evident to those around us. His Kingdom is formed within us and through us actively seeking God’s Will and Way.

What if others are looking for God’s Kingdom but we aren’t living in such a way as it can be seen? We are hidden in plain sight.

What does it look like for you to pursue God’s kingdom? His righteousness?

What would you say are God’s kingdom values?

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