Selective Service

If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet.

JOHN 13:14

The Follower of Jesus is meant to be a servant. We focus much on leadership in the church however in Jesus’ kingdom, leaders are the servants! As the servant leaders in the church our focus is not about what we do but unto whom?

In the passage above, Jesus has risen from the meal and done what each disciple should have seen as their own responsibility. Yet no one saw this as an opportunity to lead or to serve. It took Jesus getting up and setting the example and then verbally telling His disciples that this form of leadership was what He desired. This was love in motion. Leaders are called to love and to serve others; those are the marks of the cross. It’s difficult for many because we want to be selective about our service. Yet even Jesus washed the feet of Judas! We do not get to choose whom we serve on that we do serve. Jesus surrounds us with the ones He wants us to serve and to love with His lavish love. We want to dictate who is worthy of our attention but Jesus says every man is.

Servants of Christ use even menial tasks to minister the love of Christ to others. This is done as a daily sacrifice of self. Many may be tempted to look for flamboyant ways to serve God when all Jesus is asking is to do is humbly minister in common ways to others everyday. As much as we serve one another we have done it unto Him.

Is there anyone you wouldn’t serve?

How do you view leadership vs. servanthood?

What tasks do you feel are beneath you?

Do you need to take advantage of some everyday opportunities to demonstrate the love of Jesus? How can you do that today?

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