Everyday Worship

God sees us all the time and everywhere we are is training ground for the work of The Lord. Don’t be lazy or slack in your training; for your everyday life is full of opportunities to not only learn but serve. It’s easy to think that just because we are not “at church” that what we are doing doesn’t matter but it is quite the contrary. Everything we do matters. Our private worship affects our public worship. The relationship we have with God “under the tree”, affects the life we live everywhere else. Worship isn’t just an activity but a lifestyle.

Many may fall into the belief that when the time comes they will rise to the occasion but it’s not really true. If we are lazy awaiting a “time”, the time will never come. The time is now. The opportunities are all around. There’s nothing wrong with leisure but it lures us into self-indulgence and we become more concerned with consuming than contributing. Then when a crisis arises we are not ready nor able to handle it properly because we have been already consumed with less meaningful things. We all worship something but all things are not worthy of our worship. Only one is worthy and He is the God who sees you wherever you are. The question is do you see Him wherever you are?

How is your private worship time?

Do you see every aspect of your life as an area to worship and glorify God?

How is your leisure time spent?

Have you ever submitted your recreation time to the Lord? What would that mean for you?

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