Living In Obedience

Jesus answered and said, “You do not know what you ask.”


We are told to ask but our asking does not always align with God’s will. This is when we must trust the heart of God and continue to walk by faith. God is not obligated to give us everything we ask for. He will always accomplish His Will. A lack of understanding on our part doesn’t mean God hasn’t heard us or isn’t working; it simply means we don’t know what is going on. Our responsibility to obey doesn’t change simply because we don’t understand. Obedience doesn’t require understanding.

As Followers of Jesus, we submit ourselves to living by faith, which means that we embrace God’s Will and lay aside our own. The life we live may not always make sense to us but God sees what we do not see. We must simply trust His guidance through the fog of life.

Are you in a fog right now? Obey your last command from God. His word and His call have not changed. Continue on faithfully until He gives you different light.

How is your obedience level these days?

Is there an area where you have not obeyed completely?

Is wanting to know how everything works out keeping you from taking your next step?

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