Quiet Time: Thoughts And Reflections on Prayer And Matthew 9:38

Quiet Time


Pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest —Matthew 9:38

Everything with God’s work begins and ends with prayer. Why, you ask? Because I must be reminded that it is God’s work and Him working and not me, myself. Prayer is the key that opens the door for God to be active in the world around me. As mundane as it may seem, prayer is the powerful tool God uses to change the world. Through it, God changes me that I might be an agent of change for His name and glory.

Prayer may seem senseless and a waste of time, however, it is the best investment the time I have. When I pray I am investing in something eternal instead of ephemeral. Prayer brings heaven to earth. When I take the time to pray, I am aligning my thoughts with God’s thoughts and thus I am able to see things much differently as I get His mindset on life.

In prayer I am enabled to see the world as Christ sees it, with compassion. Payer doesn’t focus me as much on the needs around me as much as the singular need of each person who needs Christ. Prayer is truly about Jesus being realized as each person’s greatest need.

When Jesus told His disciples to pray that the laborers be sent out, His focus was on the prayer and not the work. When the harvest is ripe, the work is easy. The most special work I can do in the name of Christ is prayer, humble, unseen prayer. The Lord is the One who does the supernatural work in a heart. He is the One who prepares the seed, water the seed brings forth the fruit. I am to simply that God would send out workers to gather it up.

As I pray, God will do His marvelous work and bring His workers to collect His harvest. I have to place a greater focus on prayer as it is the greater work for me to be committed. It’s not about flitting around with much activity but rather being still and letting God be God (Psalm 46). When I am still in prayer, I can easily see the harvest God is sending me into and how I am to reap what field I am in.

George Lockhart

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