Quiet Time: Thoughts And Reflections On Prayer And John 14:12

Quiet Time

. . . I say to you, he who believes in Me, . . . greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father —John 14:12

Why is prayer so difficult for me as a follower of Jesus? Because I have become accustomed to life in an instant society. Prayer as a discipline does not yield instant results. Much like general exercise or even intense workouts, the body is pained, energy expended and the results require weeks before the transformation may be noticed. But be assured with the practice of such discipline, there are results!
Prayer is difficult for many of us because it requires much initially, leaving a sense of void or even emptiness. In many regards prayer is “work”. Yet it is the work that yields great results in time and moreover in eternity. It is through prayer that I connect with God, tapping into His power and presence so that I may understand His heartbeat and desires. True prayer is actually communion with Christ and in those transactions of petition and requests, I become transformed because I gain understanding of His will. In prayer I am taught as a child, hearing His Father’s voice of instruction and direction.

Make no mistake though as prayer is also a battlefield in which territory is gained or lost. The man who doesn’t pray, seeking God’s face has already lost. Prayer is a daily defense against the sinful desires and devilish attacks we face. Wherever I am, I can employ this silent weapon of force and overcome the onslaught. But I must pray!

Paul tells us to pray regardless of our situation (1 Thessalonians 5:17). In all things, I can pray and encounter Christ through the Holy Spirit and walk in communion with God. This means that I have to look at where I am as a holy place and time to encounter God. Wherever I am is a place where God can use me to be a laborer in His field if I am a pray-er. God is not surprised by my location, circumstances or issues. In His sovereignty, He is waiting on me to seek Him prayerfully and to become open as an agent of transformation.

God has great ideas and dreams for me which can only be discovered through prayer. Seeking Him continually and laboring in prayer will allow those dreams to come to fruition. Taking sincere time to pray in not just an investment in my future but an investment in eternity for all those that God wants to affect through my life. There is no greater power than God’s Spirit moving through the humble prayers of God’s people.If I want God’s work to be accomplished in me and through me, I have to spend more time in prayer…it’s that simple.

George Lockhart


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