Life Lessons: Car Prep

Because I travel a lot, here are a couple things I would highly recommend someone to keep in their car to make their travel more pleasant and safe. I have not included some items like phone chargers/ipod chargers because I feel like almost everyone should know these are a must. But here are a few things that maybe you might not feel are as important or haven’t thought about.

Jumper Cables

Being that I have had dead batteries often for no apparent reason, having a set of jumper cables has proven to be worth their weight in gold. It’s been interesting to note how often I have needed a set but I didn’t have them nor did anyone I approached for help. If you keep a set in your car, then all you need is a kind soul to open their hood.

Gas Can

I have only run out of gas a couple times however, the first time should have been enough for me to realize how important having a gas container in the car would be! You won’t be sorry if you have one on hand if and when you ever run out…especially on the highway.

Flashlight/Glow Stick

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying use your silly phone to illuminate your engine when you really need a flashlight. Just get an LED flashlight and you’ll be able to see so much more and you won’t run the risk of dropping your phone and breaking it, which will only make things worse.

Extra Clothes

Having a spare pair of shoes/sandals in the car is always a good idea, simply because rainy days or days at the beach or something crazy could always happen and then you are stuck without. You’ll never regret having dry shoes, socks or clothes. It’s never a bad idea to have a spare shirt and shorts in the car; it can be invaluable in an emergency.

Toilet Paper

Not trying to be gross but I would never recommend leaving home without it. I’ve been on enough mission trips and with enough people to know that Mother Nature doesn’t always wait until it’s convenient.


Make good use of the napkins you pick up from fast food restaurants. Instead of trashing them, keep them in the glove compartment. You can always use them for clean ups, sneezes, etc.

Notebook With Names And Numbers

Again with our reliance upon technology increasing, we have less and less memorized. When your phone battery dies on the road, what will you do? Having a small notebook with important numbers, names and addresses can be a lifesaver for yourself or be very helpful for emergency works in the event of an accident. Make sure you have working pen in the car too!

These are just a few things I’d recommend. Maybe you have some advice…what do you recommend we keep in our cars?

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