January 14


The last couple of days have been busy! I’ve been back and forth to New Bern a couple times between these days which has been the major source of the busyness.

Yesterday I went to church at One Harbor Church and heard a great sermon. I feel like God was speaking to me and encouraging me about getting intimate with Him, which is what I am most excited about this week. The sermon focused on making sure that we KNOW God and that way when difficulties come, we can rest in His presence and knowledge of His sovereignty. Had communion as well. I think they practice communion each week cause every time I have gone, they have it at the end.

Visited Mom, Bill and Mike for a little while. Nathan joined me for the ride. He and I played some Redaki there…he beat me!

All the Tuckers and I hung out at the condo and watched the Patriots beat the Texans.

Today, I did a little walk on some sand dunes, prayed and spent a little time at the ocean. Then I met Mom and Bill and drove them to the doctor. Bille is really doing better and is almost back to “normal”, even though he still some health issues, he’s much more jovial and getting around much better. It’s a true testament to the power of prayer! God is certainly good and moving!

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