January 12


Well today is the day I start this new experiment of posting random thoughts and listing in a somewhat new forum my journal. I journal extensively but have never really done something like this where I would post most of what I would daily write in my personal computerized journal. It may prove to be too much work. But I thought I’d give it a try.


Today I’ve been able to watch more football than most of the season. I’m not all that crazy about either team that played early: the Broncos or the Ravens. The only thing the Broncos have going for them is Manning…and I’m not a really huge fan even though I respect what he’s done in the NFl and the comeback he’s made. Not really all that interested in the Ravens either but I have to give it to them, they played well and I would almost cheer for them because I have to believe Flacco is a pretty good quarterback. I know Lewis is retiring but whatever. Now I’m watching the second game: 49er’s and Packers. Not a Packer fan but like Rodgers and have always like the 49ers all the way back to Montana! They look really good this year and if they go all the way I’ll be happy! I’m really excited about seeing the Seahawks play tomorrow and of course I want the Patriots to go all the way. Ravens win and 49er’s win!

It’s been an interesting day as I had most of my Christmas today with the rest of my family, The Tuckers came over to the condo and Mom, Bill and Mike came over as well. I wasn’t expecting everyone to be here today but it worked out well. Everyone seemed to like their gifts. Mike got me some new plugs for my ears, which I’m excited to try on.

Bill had a tough time here. He really didn’t use his oxygen very much and he seemed to be in a lot of pain. I am convinced that he is suffering from Diabetes and needs to get on some insulin. I’ll bring that up wit the doctor on Monday when we go.

Hung out with the Tucker kids at the indoor pool for a while. I think I’ll go to church with them tomorrow at Temple. It will be good to see some others at church there too.

We ate at El’s tonight. Had a couple of Shrimburgers. Nothing even compares to how good these are! Wish I could have them once-a-week.


Heard church went well tonight with like 25 middle school kids! Awesome!

I’m staying in the condo at Peppertree Resorts this week. Mom and Bill have this week each year. It’s a nice treat.


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