What’s Up Doc?

whats up doc

“What’s up Doc”? That phrase was made famous by Buggs Bunny as he outwitted Elmer Fudd on numerous occassions. With all my time at the hospital lately dealing with my step dad, it’s a question I am posing often too. Bill is on more medication than I have ever seen anyone taking at a given time! I don’t even know how he and my mom keep it straight. It’s a wonder all of the medication hasn’t killed him!

As I was reading my Bible this morning, I read the verse in Matthew 9:12:

12 But when He heard this, He said, “Those who are well don’t need a doctor, but the sick do.

Here are a couple of observations from reading this and my experiences with Bill late;y.

1) Sick people need a doctor.

We all have our own theories, home remedies, and ideas of how to maintain our own health. However, there are times when we can get so sick that we must see someone who knows more about us and our bodies than we do. Doctors go to school for years to study how medicines work, how they interact with the body and understand how diseases and viruses destroy the body. I would be foolish to think I knew as much about myself as a doctor could know about me…and that’s even if I don’t know the doctor! How much more if I do know him?

That’s how it is with God. He is the doctor who knows everything there is to know about humans, since He made us. That’s how it is with Jesus. He knows everything there is to know since He became one of us! That’s how it is with Holy Spirit since He lives inside every believer! How could I ever think I know what I need or what’s best for myself? As one who has struggled with sin sickness all of his life, (even as I have gotten older I might add), Jesus is the doctor who knows best!

2) Don’t refuse treatment

Doctors give advice, write prescriptions and even perform surgeries. They do this to make people well. However, in most cases, when the person is cognizant they can refuse the treatment and or remedy and try to make it on their own. They can ignore their problem, live with the pain, or simply die. THERE IS NO GOOD DOCTOR WHO WANTS HIS PATIENT TO DIE!

This is why Jesus came. He doesn’t want sick people to die. He didn’t come for those who think they are well. He came for those who know and are willing to admit they need help. Moreover, He came to die so the sick people wouldn’t! That’s what’s up Doc!

3) Do what the doctor ordered.

As I was looking at the myriad of pills Bill has been prescribed, each bottle has explicit directions of how to take the pill, when to take the pill, and how the pill is going to affect the body. (After looking at some of the side effects I wonder if it’s worth it!) The point is that each pill is to treat a certain ailment, bring relief and healing. If those directions and instructions are not completely followed not only will the condition worsen but the results could end in death! In other words, you don’t play with the medication!

God has given us His word. It has explicit directions and instructions for life and that being the best life possible. When anyone realizes their spiritual illness and acknowledges Christ as the ultimate Doctor, they are healed internally and eternally. They can then follow God’s prescription detailed in His word for life. As they follow the Doctor’s orders, they will experience all that life can offer. Are there possible side effects, you ask? To be sure! Following Jesus may lead to mockery, persecution and possibly even death. But is it worth it to have the best possible life? It’s just what the doctor ordered!

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