Christmas It Is

yoda alarmI’ve always been time conscious. Now it’ll be a little more fun with a little more “force”. As I arrived in town last night, I was given my Christmas gift from The Tuckers. I love my Yoda alarm clock! Here are a few nice time pieces I’ve had through the years.

starck I recently purchased this watch from the Fossil outlet. It’s a Philippe Starck. It’s priced much more than I paid, which of course makes me very happy. It’s a little hard to read but that’s not really why I got it. I got it cause it’s unique!

yellow dieselI bought this watch for my brother’s BD last August. I would have loved to keep it! But it’s huge and my wrist is not that big! My brother loved it and says he get compliments often.

red relicThis red relic watch was the very first nice watch I ever bought. One Christmas with some of my gift money or work money, I bought this watch. Red is my favorite color so it was perfect!

orange face whiteThis is the watch I’m currently wearing as my daily watch. I can’t tell you how many comments I’ve gotten from this $20 timepiece!

Sadly I cannot find my favorite watch in a picture. It was a metal Diesel that was more like a cuff. I got it for a 35th birthday present. I made the mistake of taking it off in El Salvador and placing it on a widow seal during a practice and someone stole it. Loved that watch! Maybe I’ll find another one….who knows? Until then I’ll continue to scope out new unique Fossils and Diesels. They are by far my favorite wristwatches.


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