Quiet Time: Thoughts And Reflections On 3 John 7

. . . they went forth for His name’s sake . . . —3 John 7 As I prepare to leave the country today for travel to Nicaragua and El Salvador, this is a great reminder of why I am going: to advance the kingdom of God in Jesus’ name. Missionaries serving the King seek to build the King’s kingdom, not their own. I am … Continue reading Quiet Time: Thoughts And Reflections On 3 John 7

Quiet Time: Thoughts And Reflections

    We don’t get to pick and choose whom we serve or how. As a Christ-follower, we are to be like God, loving all of His creation…all His children. In a world of “likes” and “dislikes”, it’s easy to follow my natural inclination and do good to those that I like and not to care about those I do not like. This is not godly. We are … Continue reading Quiet Time: Thoughts And Reflections

My Father’s Buisness

While the Lord was on earth, He was about His Father’s business. Am I about my Father’s business? How often can I say that I am so united with God that I am always about my Father’s work? To live in such oneness with God that I am continually at “home” with God requires a constant communion with God through prayer and His Holy Spirit. Every … Continue reading My Father’s Buisness

Love Like A Hurricane

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you. James 1:27 We didn’t really know what to expect. After the storm was over, Hurricane Arthur had done some damage but nothing terribly extensive. I had been staying with some friends and their trampoline suffered damage. Everything else were just broken branches. I had gotten … Continue reading Love Like A Hurricane

Fast Forward Letter

Dear Friend, This weekend, I’ll be sharing in an event called Fast Forward. The event is set to raise money for mission projects and people that our ministry supports. The money will go toward Jorge Campos in El Salvador, Prince, Festus and others in Nigeria, Together Works in Nicaragua and Randall Ray, a great friend of V2H who is leaving for the mission field full … Continue reading Fast Forward Letter

Questions For One Thing To Rule Them All pt. 2

What good things get in your way on a daily basis? How can you better prepare for your day? How do you view problems and people in your life? Have you considered your problems as a way for God to get glory? What most pulls you away from your focus on God? If there was one thing you could do today to refocus what would … Continue reading Questions For One Thing To Rule Them All pt. 2