Questions For One Thing To Rule Them All


If you had one thing to say as advice to others before you left the planet what would you advise as the most important thing to do?

Do you have a list of resolutions or goals for the year? Why or why not?

Is the number one thing on your list, the number one priority in your life?

Do you have a plan to achieve your resolutions/goals?

Have you ever considered why you don’t reach your goals or fulfill your plans?

What things prevent you? What are your distractions?

How could paring down your vision to one thing to rule all things help you achieve more or become more?

In the story of Martha and Mary, who do you identify with most? Why?

Do you think Mary was right or wrong? Martha, right or wrong?

Should Jesus have asked Mary to help Martha?

Should Mary feel guilty for not helping Martha?

Do you feel guilty about your service? or worship?

Do you complain about your service? or worship?

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