Three Things Young Leaders Can Do To Increase Their Influence

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Many people aspire to leadership. It’s often a good thing. However, many younger leaders get into a position of leadership and influence and then become overwhelmed by the tasks, responsibilities and falter, causing a domino effect that can not only hurt others but eventually cost them their influence altogether. Here are three suggestions for those younger leaders moving into prominent leadership positions.

  1. Find a mentor. Being that you as a young leader have not been down this road before, finding others who have is one of the first things I would highly recommend. This means that you will have to seek out those who may help you, humble yourself to ask for help and then be determined to learn all you can from them when given the chance. Mentors are not really that hard to find but it does take seeking them out. Young leaders need to ask for the time and make sure to come to mentoring times ready and willing to learn.
  2. Ask good questions. When you secure a mentor, make sure that you don’t waste any of their time not being prepared. Come with a definite goal in mind. Prepare ahead of time with good, meaningful questions. Do you homework, knowing what it is that you feel can best help you given your task or responsibility. It will not only make the most of your time but will lead to better engagement and discussion. Stay curious and inquisitive.
  3. Discipline in reading and study. There is a vast sea of information already available to anyone who is willing to take the time to read and listen. From books, ebooks, podcasts, and videos, the wealth of tutelage afforded to anyone who is willing to learn is immense. For any young leader, my advice would be to make sure you take ample time each week to read and study the scriptures of course but also make it a habit to read other source materials. Learn from all walks of life and you will most certainly increase your influence.

What other habits would you suggest for young leaders? Comment and share below.


Ministry Updates: India and El Salvador


This has been an exciting month for a couple of our sister ministries. In India, Pastor Rajendra and the community near the orphanage was able to get the long-awaited playground installed. This is a project we have been anticipating since the children’s ministry at New Vision Church generated the funds to donate this to the orphans.

As you can see from the pictures, the playground has several ways for the children to play and no doubt the children will be very excited to have this area to enjoy. The orphanage currently has 16 children residing (to my knowledge) and Vision 2 Hear along with a couple of other churches are helping to support them. If you are interested in sponsoring an orphan, please contact us at for more information. We hope to update you soon from Pastor Rajendra with more pics of the WAVE Team and churches there. Until…

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I thought it was going to be a normal, fairly easy day. Boy, was I wrong!

Instead, I spent the greater part of the day tracking and catching up with people who had received a fake email from me stating that I was being held at gunpoint in Ukraine. The email stated I needed funds and of course, how to send them to “help me”. Wow! What a hassle in dealing with a hacked email account.

As many of you know by now, my email account was hacked this morning. I’ve had my identity stolen a couple of times and this is almost as bad. To make the best of the situation, here are a couple of lessons I’ve learned from this whole ordeal.

Check The Original Source.

I got an email from “Yahoo” that said my account had been compromised and to click a link to reset. I should have signed-out of my account instead of following the “link”. Anything that asks you to reset a password from an email cannot be trusted. If you are asked to reset it, log-out first and then reset.

Keep Your Passwords Strong.

We all know this but hackers are smart. Changing up your password to make it words or numbers that don’t really fit together is the best idea, along with mixing capital and lower case letters. Something like dogBills24 would be considered a strong password.

Reset Passwords Immediately.

If you feel your account has been hacked, reset it your password immediately. This needs to be done with alacrity and it’s probably a good idea to change other accounts where you may be employing the same password. This will require patience and time but it’s worth it.

Store Important Info Offline.

For convenience sake, we like to store info online and admittedly it is nice to have most info at our fingertips. However, there is some info that is best kept offline in a written form. Things like passport info, credit card numbers (not stored on secure servers) and other information that may be critical left in an email folder needs to be deleted and stored in a hard copy. I had some flight information stored in a couple of folders in my email and when this all went down today, it sent a shock through my system!

Furthermore, all my contacts were erased! This presents a whole other issue in recovering people’s info and hours of re-entires. Not sure if I will really go that far but needless to say, it’s a great loss to lose thousands of people’s emails. Another reason to back-up and store offline on other hard drive.

Needless to say, I am still in the process of trying to secure all my stuff and convey to everyone what has happened. Thanks to all of you who notified me and inquired of my well-being. Hopefully, this is the last time something like this will happen to me (and I hope it never happens to you)!




Superbowl Highlights and No Lights

super bowl 2013 rotator

Superbowl 47 was certainly full of many surprises. These are my 5 most memorable takeaways from this year’s Superbowl.

1) Blackout Bowl

It’s more of a “lowlight” than a highlight but it will be what most people remember about this year’s superbowl. After 34 minutes when the stadium was partially blacked out, official and energy representatives got the lights back on for the game to continue. The 34 minutes happened shortly after the second half began and was most likely caused from the halftime show. Do you think the Superbowl will be more remembered for the blackout or the halftime or the game itself?

2) Half-Dressed Halftime

Beyonce and Destiny’s Child were far from being child friendly. They were not the only ones who seemed to be pushing the limits on what’s acceptable for primetime family viewing. Calvin Klein’s ad and the ad pushed the comfortability level for many people watching the Superbowl. Watch for yourself and comment on thoughts about the appropriateness of the ads.

3)  Dunking The Moment

The Ravens were not the only winners at this year’s Superbowl. Jumping on the moment, Oreo made haste and tweeted the following:

largeOreo proved they were keen and sharply attuned to using social media to maximize the moment! How adept are you at using social media to be spontaneous and alive in the moment?

4) Sibling Rivalry

Jim and John Harbaugh were the first coaches in history to play against each other in a Super Bowl. This is one thing that certainly goes down as a memorable aspect of the year’s title match.

5) 5 Yards From History

Colin Kaepernick had led the 49er’s from a 17-point deficit against the Atlanta Falcons and almost overcame a 15 point deficit over the Ravens. With score ending at 34-31  favoring the Ravens, Kaepernick proved even with this loss that he deserves the job next year. What do you think of Kaepernick’s performance? Do you think Flacco really outplayed him?

What will you remember most about this year’s Superbowl? Comment and post.

X’d XBOXs? How would your kid respond?


Over the last 13 years China has had a ban on video game consoles. As crazy as that may sound, China issued a ban in 2000 banning video games in Beijing “to safeguard children’s mental and physical development”.

Lenovo somehow got a system into the market last year which is similar to the Xbox Kinect beacuse it called it an “exercise and entertainment system”.

This past Christmas,  I was able to obtain an Xbox 360 with a Kinect at a very cheap price…(at close to half price). Up to this point, I have not played many video games or used a gaming system basically since I was a kid. That means that my exposure to video games pretty much began with the Atari 2600 and ended with ColecoVision. During those days, it would be nothing for me to sit with my brother and play games for hours, just like kids do today. However, we were also “made” to go outside and play.

Kids today however, spend much more time in front of the TV and less and less time outside.  On average, kids are spending up to 50 hours a week on video games!  Even though there are more active game systems and games including Wii and Kinect for Xbox, there’s no doubt that gaming has drastically  distracted kids from playing outside. Even I have found myself tempted to play a little more on the game system than I ever have before. I haven’t X’d my Xbox yet but I can see China’s concern, not that I would ever endorse such a thing in America, I’m wondering how you feel gaming systems have affected your kid’s outdoor activity? Comment and let me know.

God’s Purpose


God has chosen us to love the world as He loves the world. John 13:34, John 15:12 We were created to love; first and foremost God and then the people God created. The hard part for the disciple of Christ is not loving God but loving hard-to-love people. It is a not-so-easy-task for the servant of God to serve people at times, since they waffle between sin and self. As God has chosen us, we must willfully choose to love others.


God’s intention is to bring glory to Himself through us. This means we must lay aside every other intention. God’s purpose must supersede every other inclination and desire we have. We can only achieve God’s purpose for our lives when we intentionally crucify our flesh and take up our cross and follow Him. Luke 14:26-27 Christ is forming Himself in us and this is the only way for us to be pleasing to God.


We must yield to the Holy Spirit and allow God’s purpose to be accomplished in us. A servant has no other will than to please His Master. God forces no one but readily uses people who submit to His authority. As followers of Christ we must daily surrender to the will of the Father in order to accomplish God’s purpose for our lives. Galatians 2:20