Superbowl Highlights and No Lights

super bowl 2013 rotator

Superbowl 47 was certainly full of many surprises. These are my 5 most memorable takeaways from this year’s Superbowl.

1) Blackout Bowl

It’s more of a “lowlight” than a highlight but it will be what most people remember about this year’s superbowl. After 34 minutes when the stadium was partially blacked out, official and energy representatives got the lights back on for the game to continue. The 34 minutes happened shortly after the second half began and was most likely caused from the halftime show. Do you think the Superbowl will be more remembered for the blackout or the halftime or the game itself?

2) Half-Dressed Halftime

Beyonce and Destiny’s Child were far from being child friendly. They were not the only ones who seemed to be pushing the limits on what’s acceptable for primetime family viewing. Calvin Klein’s ad and the ad pushed the comfortability level for many people watching the Superbowl. Watch for yourself and comment on thoughts about the appropriateness of the ads.

3)  Dunking The Moment

The Ravens were not the only winners at this year’s Superbowl. Jumping on the moment, Oreo made haste and tweeted the following:

largeOreo proved they were keen and sharply attuned to using social media to maximize the moment! How adept are you at using social media to be spontaneous and alive in the moment?

4) Sibling Rivalry

Jim and John Harbaugh were the first coaches in history to play against each other in a Super Bowl. This is one thing that certainly goes down as a memorable aspect of the year’s title match.

5) 5 Yards From History

Colin Kaepernick had led the 49er’s from a 17-point deficit against the Atlanta Falcons and almost overcame a 15 point deficit over the Ravens. With score ending at 34-31  favoring the Ravens, Kaepernick proved even with this loss that he deserves the job next year. What do you think of Kaepernick’s performance? Do you think Flacco really outplayed him?

What will you remember most about this year’s Superbowl? Comment and post.

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