Walking With God

Enoch walked with God… —Genesis 5:24

It’s not about what happens on the mountains but what happens in the valley. The God of the mountain is the same God of the valley. Do I trust God in the valleys of life? Am I still walking with Him in challenges and difficulties? When things are “ordinary” and “mundane” am I as consistent with Christ as when life is exhilarating and abounding with spiritual successes? Walking with God means that I must keep stride with Him; He sets the pace. I cannot try to run ahead nor can I fall behind if we are to walk together. I must rely on Holy Spirit to give me my second wind, third wind, etc. if I am to keep in step with Him. The air He breathes is different and that air must fill my lungs.

When I walk with God, I begin to see things differently. He passes by meaningless things and people that I would feel compelled to impress, He deals with them later. He moves quickly to those whom no one else notices and bears their burdens. He doesn’t linger in certain places where I would feel comfortable and it feels like He overstays His welcome in other places that seem hostile. He is never in a hurry and never late, although some would like to debate that with Him, i.e. Mary, Martha and especially Lazarus. What he does and how He does it, doesn’t always make sense to me but it doesn’t have to. The goal isn’t to understand Him but to be with Him; to go where He goes and share that moment.

If Enoch walked with God, isn’t possible that others could too? The only way I could do that is to breathe the same air, to keep in stride with Him, and to be willing to go where He goes. It’s one step- at- a- time. Don’t become overwhelmed or discouraged when the steps seem farther than your feet can reach. Let His Spirit carry you by faith. Let Him translate every mundane step into a glorious one.

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