Being God’s Friend

And the Lord said, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am doing,

Genesis 18:17

What would it be like to be so close to God to just be doing His will? How often do we come to God wondering what His Will is to us? Yet in this passage we can see that God isn’t trying to hide anything from Abraham. How awesome it is to know that God wants us to have that kind of relationship with Him! But what does that take?

Trust. We must be willing to trust God completely. Abraham shows His trust and obedience throughout his walk with God. There’s no relationship any of us have that will flourish apart from trust being the foundation.

Love. Abraham showed his love for God by leaving his own country and family to walk with God to a place he did not know. His love for God superseded his love for anyone or anything else. This was ultimately tested through the offering of Issac. Our friendship with God will flourish as we grow in our love of God.

Unity. Abraham and God shared a “oneness”. God had chosen to identify Himself through the nation of people that would come through Abraham’s lineage. Jesus also prayed for our oneness with the Father (John 17:22). It is no problem being friends with someone that you share a oneness with. When you have the same goals, dreams and likes, being friends is just natural.

The more we come to know God the better friendship with God we will have. He is trustworthy. He is loving. He wants us to share His same likes and dislikes. If we aren’t friends with God it’s not because He is withholding Himself; it’s because we don’t want to be His friend.

How is your trust in God? Do you feel you are growing in your friendship?

Do you love God? Is your love for Him growing?

Are you one with God? Do you have the same values? Goals? Dreams?

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