Separated For A Reason

Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle and set apart for the gospel of God
Romans 1:1
God calls me because of His plan and nature not mine. My attempts at holiness are not what makes me ready for God’s call; it is the other way, His calling leads me to repentance. Paul was separated by God to proclaim the gospel and that is the only reason any of us are separated unto God. God has His reasons and sometimes they are very different than mine. It is imperative that I keep the right focus on the meaning and purpose of my life: to glorify God and make Him known.
What Jesus has done on the cross must remain my anchoring truth. If I put my hope in my own “worthiness”, I will falter and sink in despair. Trusting in my own goodness gets me nowhere. However when I place my hope and trust in Christ I can withstand any storm including self-doubt and failure. The calling of God is not based on my “worthiness” but His goodness. He is what makes me right and rights all my wrongs. I am justified in His sight even if I or others don’t see I yet.
Paul was separated unto God to proclaim the gospel. Paul did not choose to be but God had chosen and appointed him for that task. Mine is to choose to follow through with what God has separated me apart for. God has His reasons for calling whom He calls. He uses His vessels how He sees fit. God calls. I answer. That’s the only way it works.

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