Need An Explanation?

When he was alone, the Twelve and the others around him asked him about the parables. Mark 4:10

There are times when nothing will make sense. Even the disciples, who were closest to Jesus, had to get explanations to what He was teaching and doing. If they didn’t understand everything, should we expect to? Asking questions and seeking understanding isn’t wrong. In fact, who else can we ask about some things? Jesus is the all-knowing God!

But the fact remains that there are things in which we will not understand fully until the end. Jesus’ disciples thought they understood Him and His intentions and then He died. They didn’t fully understand until after the end, honestly.

Things that happen in our lives may not fully make sense to us either. We may experience things that seem hard and harsh yet the understanding may not come. Consider Job and his life as an example of not knowing or understanding all.

Having a relationship with Jesus may not give us all the answers we want but it does give us someone who can comfort and console unlike any other. Jesus often taught His disciples when they were alone and withdrawn from others. He will teach us and be near when the questions loom; we must simply draw near.

Asking Jesus for answers isn’t wrong. Pursuing Him for understanding isn’t wrong. Just remember that in all the questioning and seeking, sometimes all we may get is Jesus; and truly He is enough.

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