Knowing and Going

He went out, not knowing where he was going.


The issue with faith so many have is this fact here, not knowing how everything is going to turn out. We want security and definition to our lives and yet as is seen in the passage for today, Abraham didn’t have that. God called him to to simply get going, not knowing where he was going.

God seems to be more interested in me knowing Him than where I’m going. God wants to be the God of every step I take, every breath I take, every move I make. God wants me trusting in Him more than a plan or program. The more I know Him, the more aware I become of His ways. But beware of demanding anything from God; He isn’t obligated to show me anything about the future or even the present. What He desires most from me is faith in my present reality; to know Him in the now.

The next step is always a step of faith. God calls us out of the known into the unknown. The place of faith is always the unknown. The path of faith is always the unknown. The person of faith however is known. God marks His children by their faith. Others mark you by your faith. Anyone can make a blatantly easy decision but it is the hard choices made in faith that define who we become.

How have you been “demanding” God show you something?

Have you been living by faith?

Are you requiring a plan or program from God? Or are you depending on Him step by step?

Dependence on God and knowing Him now is what God wants from me. When I know Him now and walk Him each step of the way, I will arrive exactly where I need to be and be the person I need to be for that moment.

One thought on “Knowing and Going

  1. Thank you for sharing this!!! I definitely want to be a woman of faith. And I’m asking God to show me areas in my life where my faith might be weak. Looking for to this years journey with my Lord!!

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