4 Words For Goalsetting

Each year many set goals for themselves. Sadly most of those goals are never achieved for a myriad of reasons. Nonetheless, I’d like to offer you a few words that may help you achieve your goals this year and make it the best year yet.

Make your goals simple. Don’t try to come up with some elaborate scheme. Just pick a couple of things you really want to accomplish and make a plan. Part of the reason many never achieve their goals is because they try to do too much. Just find a couple of things and really nail it down this year.

When setting goals don’t overreach. Some people have good intentions but they set goals too high or unattainable and quit within days. Set smaller amounts to accomplish over longer periods to ensure you reach your goal. Make the goals something that is challenging but doable!

Regardless of what you determine as goals this year, there has to be a way to measure your success. Setting goals within the goal helps. Whatever your goal is, make sure that you can determine results along the way, so that you can be encouraged.

Don’t set goals that everyone is setting just to fit in. Do the things that matter to you. Set goals that will help you become the person you want to be. If it means something to you and you are passionate about it, you will achieve it.

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