An Inside Job

2 Corinthians 5:17


Anyone who is in Christ is a brand new being. Everything from the old self is passing away and look! Everything is becoming new.


Thanksliving and Thanksgiving are conscious choices. We must choose to give thanks. Sure the 9 leper’s who didn’t return to give thanks may have had all kinds of reasons but they all made a choice. Even though they had been cleansed from the leprosy they still had to deal with insensitivity and pride and the such. Gratitude is an inside job of the heart. As we are being changed from the old way of living, it is important to allow Holy Spirit to change our choices and mindset. We no longer choose what is easier or selfish, or self-centered. Our motives are no longer simply instinctively driven or feeling-based. Now we begin to understand that to truly be a follower of Jesus means that we live differently and that happens through making different choices. Saying “Thanks” and being grateful are choices we make that make us different. We begin to understand all we are and all we have is because of what Christ has done; we give Him thanks and live unto Him.


When we are in Christ everything is being made new in the likeness of Christ. This includes our attitude and sense of gratitude.

We are made new but must submit ourselves to Christ to live out the new way of life.


Everyone who is in Christ is no longer the same. We are made new!


Is it ever difficult to say “thanks”?

How do your choices demonstrate your gratitude?


Make the choice to live with gratitude and submit to Holy Spirit’s leading.


Dear Lord,

I give thanks to you for changing me. I am still a work in progress, though. Help me make good choices and to live in a way that demonstrates my gratitude for all you have done for me.

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