“Thank You” goes a long way.

Read Luke 17:11-18

Do you think the Lepers who were healed we’re happy they were healed? Why do you think they didn’t return to give thanks?

Maybe they were so overjoyed and excited about seeing loved ones?

Maybe they just didn’t think about it?

Maybe thanking others wasn’t how they were raised?

Maybe they felt like they deserved to be healed?

Whatever the reason, 10 were healed but only one came back to give thanks for what the Lord had done for him. When good things happen to you, when you receive a blessing, when a prayer is answered do you ever stop to say “Thanks”?

Challenge #1 make the words “Thank You” part of your lifestyle. Give thanks to God each day. Say “thanks” to those who do general as well as specific things for you. For instance, say thanks to clerks at check-out, or people holding the door for you. Say thanks ultimately to God for your general good health and ability to work or go to school.

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