Quiet Time: Thoughts And Reflections

Quiet Time

. . . present . . . your members as instruments of righteousness to God —Romans 6:13

I’m pretty much bankrupt on every level of life. It doesn’t matter what I work at or even master, my efforts are undeniably short of the perfection that’s needed to satisfy God. The scripture is clear when it says that all have sinned and come short of God’s glory (Romans 3:23) and I make several proofs of that each day. Try as I may to save myself, discipline myself, correct myself, adjusting my mind, thoughts, and way of living, I’ll never be able to completely perfect the life that God desires for me.

The grace and love of God is made manifest through the redeeming work of Jesus Christ on the cross, which completely satisfies God’s requirements for sin and miraculously saves me. I have to live in this reality. Remembering that it’s not about my accomplishments rather it is all Christ accomplished on the cross is what not only gets me through a day but through this life unto the next. What I have to do is to believe the right things. I have to not only take God at His Word but allow God’s Truth to sink deep down into my soul and radically change me.

My theme this year is LEGO, as in the building block. The idea is that in becoming the building that God desires, I have to Let Go and Let God. He is the Master Builder, after all. I cannot hold on to the plans that I have, nor try to construct my own set of blueprints. I cannot pour another foundation and try to build my life upon my own set of spiritual disciplines and “goodness”. Being “holy” through my own efforts leads to spiritual pride and is full of self-satisfaction.

However, being MADE holy is an entirely different thing. Christ is building upon His own foundation. He is tearing down, building up, and restoring things as He desires. He is making me holy as He is holy. Sure I work WITH God as He moves, quickens, convicts and teaches but it is all based on Christ and not my own sense of self-worthiness. I must be deconstructed and Christ reconstructed (John 3:30); there always has to be a letting go in order to take up.

God is constructing a dwelling place for Himself and it is within me. With this being the case, there is no room for any “self”. God wants full residency, not to just be a guest. He wants to have full say in the construction and remodel. All I need to do is comply and enjoy the delight of God in what He is building.

Jesus made an atonement for my sin and now He desires for me to live in complete obedience to His call. As I live out God’s leading in my life, I make the work of Christ evident in my own life. God is glorified in me when I completely obey Him. My obedience reveals my trust in His handiwork and ability to construct a home (life) within me because of the atonement of Christ alone. My efforts as swallowed up in His.


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