Quiet Time: Thoughts And Reflections

Quiet Time

Come to Me . . . —Matthew 11:28

Coming to Jesus requires a great deal of humility. Our pride gets in the way of many things and really coming to Christ is one of those. In fact, you will find out just how real you are by putting those words into practice. When Christ calls us, our flesh tends to employ every excuse possible. Coming to Christ is a very simple and humble thing yet one of the things that prevents us from coming is that very fact. We are looking for some grand “call” or movement from Heaven but all that comes is a simple call which says “come”.

When Christ calls you to come, something will happen inside of you. He will lead you through His Spirit. You will not come alone but with the Spirit who is teaching you and shaping you as you come. The Holy Spirit’s job is to prepare you to come. He searches out the depths of our hearts and brings to light those dark places that house the rebellion and sin which prevent us from coming to Christ. When He shines His illuminating conviction, He expects obedience. When we comply, we are enabled to come.

God doesn’t want us to come just because it’s good for us. In fact it’s the best! But God loves us so much He longs to be with us and He is calling out to us not just to meet our need but to engage in meaningful relationship as Creator and created. God is the Lover of our souls and He is calling us to give us what we desperately want: Himself.


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