She’s A Wreck…And So Are We!



Things I’m learning from Miley Cyrus and about myself.

No one would debate the fact that there has been more than a hurricane of hub-bub over Miley Cyrus during the last several weeks. Her appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards catapulted her to more than water cooler conversation in a matter of minutes! Since then, her newest release Wrecking Ball (viewer discretion advised) has garnered more than 95 million views on VEVO, earning her the top spot for the week of September 8.

As I’ve been listening to and reading through more than a few articles about Miley, I thought I’d take some time and see what could possibly benefit us all from her recent activities and direction in life. As I did I looked at her songs as windows into culture as well as her soul. They are her way (as for all artists) to bear her soul…

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