The Way Of Worship


SAM_1379Magnify The Lord With Me...

It seems weird to say a verse like that knowing that God is bigger than anything I could possibly imagine. Blowing God up to God-size is needed but really unfathomable. And yet, that’s what I am to do. But how? God desires for us to truly find the way of worship where we see Him for who He is even if we can’t comprehend exactly how big He is.

Magnification Means Reduction

In other words, it’s like Honey I Shrunk Myself. The Way Of Worship is discovered when we reduce ourselves in light of Who God is. For many of us, we become the god of our own universe. We rule our own domains, we make our own rules, and we dare anyone to invade our space much less tell us how to live.  John The Baptist was clearly aware of the reduction principle…

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