Shift: 20/20 Vision August 12

2020 vision

Close your eyes for a few minutes and rest in silence. Be prayerful. Consider what images, thoughts and questions come to mind. Is there anything that seems to be clear? Make a note of it.

After your time, read the story of Blind Bartimaeus found in Mark 10:46-52.

Answer the following questions:

Do you think Bartimaeus had been blind for a long time? Why or why not?

Who was trying to quieten him, and prevent him from getting to Jesus?

What is preventing you from seeing clearly?

How have you become blind to things around you?

Who was more blind,  Bartimaeus or Jesus’ disciples?

When Jesus called Bartimaeus, how did he respond?

What does this reveal?

How excited are you to see again? Where is your hope?

There were probably certain things that Bartimaeus wanted to “see” again…what things do you want to see?

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